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Product: Puma Brake Fluid DOT 4


Puma Brake Fluid DOT 4 is a yellow-coloured liquid, formulated for use in all disc, drum braking systems and in clutch control systems. It is also specifically suitable for those cases where the braking system are subjected to very severe operating conditions such as cars pulling caravans, commercial vehicles and any heavily loaded operations.

Product: Puma HD Coolant


PUMA HD Coolant is a coolant / antifreeze that was formulated with the latest organic acid technology (OAT), diluted with demineralized water, ready to use. Low in silicates, free of nitrites, phosphates and borates. Its formulation provides a synergistic effect due to the exact mixture of its active components mono and dicarboxylates, which provide excellent protection to the engine cooling system. Prevents the formation of deposits, erosion, cavitation and corrosion in the cooling system, providing excellent engine life.

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